Primary Prevention is the key to a Vibrant Health --- Live a life in touch with the Nature.


( Dr. S.P. Gupta MD, PhD, ND )

Dr. Gupta's wholistic practice in touch with the nature has helped numerous persons to get rid of their many incurable chronic ailments.Read more...

Theme of Practice

Is it ever too late to attend one's health? Read Dr. Gupta's Insights

Dr. Gupta's Nutritional and alternative approach using:
Diet Modifications                 Detoxification
Aromatherapy                        •Bach Flower Therapy
Herbal Therapies                  Homeopathic Remedies
Nutrional Supplements        Chinese Herbs
Ayurvedic Herbs -
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For healing in:
Arthritis                                 Cancer
Obesity                                  Stress
Yeast Infection,                   Anxiety
Diabetes                                Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
High Cholestrol and Triglycerides  
Male and Female Reproductive problems  .   
Chronic and Immune Deficiency Related Illnesses

Path to Radiant Health